Why choose SAFE fire extinguisher spray?

SAFE fire extinguishing sprays series 500, 750 and 1000 are the result of cooperation with experts and professional firefighters. The intention for the placing on the market was not to offer current customers a product of low quality and price, but a product responsive to the needs of initial fire intervention with high efficiency and universal applicable extinguisher at the level of a 2 kgs fire extinguisher of extinguishing class 8A / 34B.

vyjimecne vlastnostiThe extinguishing agent used is the result of new technologies and was specially designed for extinguishing of incipient fires of basic classes A, B, F and E up to 1000 V. The extinguishing agent is designed and manufactured in the EU just and only for fire extinguishing sprays SAFE under a valid license.

It contains a higher amount of concentrate and thus makes SAFE fire extinguishing sprays a universal and multi-purpose fire extinguishing equipment with high efficiency at low consumption, which by its characteristics and composition exceeds the properties of standard fire extinguishing sprays commonly available on our market.


With SAFE fire extinguishing sprays, there is no need to think about whether the applied extinguishing agent is suitable for fire extinguishing. A special ecological extinguishing agent with active ingredients ensures a wide range of use and safe extinguishing of fires of solid and liquid substances, fats and oils.

The modified extinguisher stream increases the performance of the extinguishing agent itself as it turns into a fine foam aerosol behind the atomizer, absorbing a large amount of combustion energy.



After use, the extinguishing agent will form a film with modified chemical effects of cooling the fire area to prevent reignition.


Unlike other extinguishing agents, the extinguishing agent does not leave minor (stains, stains, …) or major secondary damage to unaffected areas.


The filling is under constant pressure and the spray therefore works immediately after the first pressing of the sprayer. If necessary, the extinguishing can be interrupted arbitrarily. The spray remains functional even in the case of multiple use until the extinguishing agent is completely depleted.


The advantage of the extinguishing agent is its possibility of storage at a wide temperature range from -20 ° C to + 50°C.

SAFE fire extinguishing spray is the only frost-resistant fire extinguishing spray in its category of efficiency and performance, that is not subject to temperature fluctuations. For example, it can be stored inside the vehicle all year round and can be the only one to replace powder fire extinguisher (weighing one or two kilos).

Few people have a classic fire extinguisher at home or in their car. Whether due to the need for regular revisions, weight, or unfamiliarity associated with its use.



SAFE fire extinguishing spray has compact dimensions and low weight. This means that everyone is able to use it immediately (just like a regular spray) and a child and a senior can use it without any problems. The spray is always at hand and ready for immediate extinguishing of the fire in its inception.