SAFE 500 1000 750

SAFE fire extinguishing sprays are primarily designed for extinguishing incipient fires whereby the success of the initial fire intervention assumes that the extinguishing spray is permanently located near a fire hazard area, so the action could be implemented as soon as possible and within a few seconds of fire. For faster detection of incipient fires, we recommend the installation of fire alarms to ensure timely detection.

In motor vehicles and means of transport, we recommend to place an extinguishing spray within reach of the driver, at the best to the passenger compartment.

Do not leave fire extinguishing sprays in bulk in vehicles.

Hold the extinguishing spray in a vertical position. Suitable distance to extinguish the fire is about 1 m for maximum use of the current pressure.

The spray remains functional even in the case of multiple use (until depletion. If necessary and the situation, extinguishing can be interrupted until the extinguishing agent is depleted).