Fire extinguishing spray SAFE 500

Operation of SAFE 500 fire extinguishing spray consists of removing the top plastic cap, a quick approach to the fire, pointing the sprayer at the focus of the fire and putting into operation by pressing the sprayer.

Hold the extinguishing spray in a vertical position. It is suitable to extinguish the fire from a distance of about 1 m, in terms of maximum use of the pressure of the extinguishing agent stream. If necessary and the situation, the extinguishing can be interrupted by releasing the sprayer. The spray remains functional even in the case of multiple use (until the extinguishing agent is depleted).

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Technical specifications

It is designed for extinguishing fires of class A, B, F and E

Extinguishing capacity fire class:

A - Fires of combustible solids (for example: wood, paper, straw, coal, rubber, textiles, plastic, etc.)
B - Fires of flammable liquids (for example: petrol, diesel, oils, paints, alcohol, etc.).
F - Fires of cooking oils and fats
E - electrical equipment under voltage

Tested for extinguishing ability:

3A, 13B, 5F, E - electrical equipment under current up to 1000V.
Extinguishing agent: AFFF foam concentrate - aqueous tensides solution, biodegradable and non-toxic.
Extinguishing agent volume: 500ml
Fuel: nitrogen / N2.
Pressure (at full content): 1.0 MPa at 25 ° C
Reach: 3-4 m
Extinguishing time: 19 s
Temperature for long-term storage: - 20 ° C to +50 ° C
Weight: 650 g
Diameter and height: 66 x 240 mm
In accordance with standard: BS 6165: 2002
Tests: MPA Dresden GmbH, TÜV, EQC
It does not replace a fire extinguisher according to ČSN EN-3.